Monthly Archives: June 2014

Sarah Carey talking sense

I have been out of the country, and away from my computer, for a week, and it was good. However, I had the iphone with me, which meant I didn’t take a total break from what was happening at home; kept in touch enough to add to my belief that our little country is going increasingly daft, and, worst still, very unpleasant.
I am glad to see today that Sarah Carey has taken to writing in the Independent.

Our Papal Nuncio

I was talking to a priest friend of mine in the United States this afternoon. Among other things he asked me how Archbishop Charles Brown was getting on as Papal Nuncio. This priest, he told me, knows somebody related to Brown, and that person was telling him that the Archbishop was very popular, doing very well, and loved by the people.
I suppose everyone has their own perspective. I have never met Charles Brown; neither has he met with the Association of Catholic Priests.

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