Adoring and glorifying God doesn’t cut it for me anymore!

I wonder do many people, in their later years, stand back a little from their lives, from the way they lived, and they values and beliefs they espoused, and take a more objective look at them than they have done previously. In the traditional religious training that I got in my youth it would be seen as ‘losing your faith’, or so we were told. But then we were told a lot of strange and even daft things.

We’ve had to cancel our plans to have an event in Cork this summer.

The plans of our group to hold an event in Cork in two weeks time have, I’m afraid, been put on hold.
At a meeting this afternoon we realised that, by holding an event on Sunday 23rd in Cork, we would be clashing with either one or two major hurling games in Parc Ui Chaoimh, which is very close to our proposed venue.
Also, we concluded that it would be too soon for us.

Muller complains of lack of due process in his sacking!!!!!!

I think I can be excused for finding this hilarious. Muller complaining that he was sacked without due process. And even saying that the Church’s social teaching must be applied to dealing with people in the Church!
Well, Gerhard, you are just getting a taste of your own medicine! I’m sorry, but you’ll get no sympathy from me!

“Cardinal Gerhard Müller has sharply criticized Pope Francis for the “unacceptable” way in which the pontiff recently dismissed him as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith (CDF).

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