ACTA Conference in Birmingham

This evening I am flying out to Birmingham, to speak at the ACTA conferences, which takes place tomorrow.

ACTA is the U.K. Catholic Church Reform movement. I think it is fair to say that it’s inspiration came from the starting up of the ACP here in Ireland. It was initially conceived of as a priests movement, similar to the ACP, but it quickly changed, and opened its doors to anybody who wished to become a member.

My experience of how the Church shuts a person out.

A couple I met today asked me to explain how the Vatican sanctions effected me. Apart from not being allowed to minister publicly as a priest, I also told them how quickly I was shut out from doing anything on catholic property. I looked back at my speaking tour of the U.S. in the autumn of 2014. The locations were as follows;
Washington: Augustana Lutheran Church.
Baltimore: Faith Presbyterian Church.
Philadelphia: University of the Sciences.

Summary of the main findings of the Australian Report on Clerical Sexual abuse

These are the main findings of the report, (see previous posting), as compiled by the Centre which sponsored the work. ┬áTo put it mildly, it is fairly dramatic; it delves into the underlying causes of clerical sexual abuse in a way that the various Irish reports seriously failed to do. (The only exception to this is Marie Keenan’s study.)

Its authors, Professor Des Cahill and Dr Peter Wilkinson, are both ordained priests who resigned from church ministry in the 1970s.

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