The Statement from the Head of the CDF, and my response to it.

This response from Cardinal Ladaria came as a result of a question asked by NCR reporter, Joshua McElwee at a press briefing this morning in the Vatican:

“If we have some advice to give to Fr. Flannery, we will give it to Fr. Flannery. I believe that out of respect for everyone [involved] and in particular for him, it is better to give this advice in private rather than in public.

Robert Mickens in La Croix

This is a superb article. To say that I~am delighted with it is an understatement.

The gentlemen in the CDF deserve every bit of it.

My real response to the Vatican Document

Now that I have released the Vatican document into the public domain two things stand out in my mind this evening.

First, it is good to have it out there. From the first moment it came to me I knew that I was not going to sign it. But it has been sitting there for the last three months or so. Now it is gone, my decision has been finally made certain and clear, and there is a sense of relief and satisfaction about that.

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