Press Statement

Press Statement from Tony Flannery

In the last while two senior members of the Catholic Church have made statements about the position of women in the Church, and specifically about women’s ordination.

Bishop Batzing, the President of the German Bishops Conference is reported by America Magazine, among many other outlets, as saying he is in favour of women being ordained deacons.  He goes on to say, in relation to the arguments against the ordination of women: 

“I must honestly say that I am also aware that these arguments are becoming less and less convincing and that there are well-developed arguments in theology in favour of opening up the sacramental ministry to women as well,” 

The Archbishop-elect of Dublin, Dermot Farrell, in an interview with the Irish Times, said “he would like to see women becoming deacons in the church.” He is reported as going on to say that “the biggest barrier to having female priests in the Catholic Church is probably tradition, not the Scriptures”.

From Christopher Lamb in The Tablet

In the current issue of The Tablet Christopher Lamb does a critique of the CDF, highlighting how they are selective in who they target.  He particularly mentions various senior clerics and catholics in the U.S. who publicly contradict and defy Church Teaching (William Barr on the death penalty, e.g.) and Vigano attacking Francis. And the CDF remain silent; they have nothing to say. Then Lamb concludes:

“The doctrine office also committed time and resources to an opaque, and highly questionable, investigation of Irish priest Fr Tony Flannery, 73, ordering him to sign a series of “fidelity oaths”.If the CDF is serious about defending doctrine in 2021, perhaps it should be less selective in its interventions.”

I don’t often get annoyed with the Church (a futile exercise!!), but sometimes when I read of the carry-on of senior clerics, and the ability of the CDF to look the other way, I do think of the demands they have made of me, and I conclude, rightly or wrongly, that there is something very sick about it.

A Personal Account of how this year was for me.

At my age a person should not be wishing their life away, but I am writing this just a few days before the end of a year that I think a lot of us will be glad to see the back of. What I want to do here is to reflect a little on what the year was life for me personally. (A blog like mine gives me, I like to think, the right every once in a while, to be a little self-indulgent!}

I like to think I have a fairly wide range of interests, current affairs, politics, sport, and of course matters to do with Church and religion.

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