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Women object to Diaconate in Killaloe

I have just been listening to three women talking on ClareFM (Fri.9.15am) about the proposed introduction of the permanent diaconate in Killaloe diocese.
What happened in Killaloe diocese is interesting. When Kieran O’Reilly became bishop he began a listening process right around the diocese. He got Gerry O’Hanlon to direct it. It was done really well, and their was a high level of participation. A report was drawn up, which summed up the issues that were raised during the process.


Here are the dates, times and venues for the main public gatherings of my speaking tour of the U.S., from October 21st to November 19th. Other gatherings of a more specific nature have been arranged, but they would appear to be for particular groups.

22nd Oct: Washington: Augustana Lutheran Church:
23rd Oct: Baltimore: Faith Presbyterian Church.
24th Oct: Philadelphia: Science and Technology Center:
25th Oct: New York: Judson Memorial Church, 55, Washington Sq.

Response of the LCWR to the CDF

Leaders of the largest organization representing women religious in the United States issued a statement Monday that they will continue the dialogue with church officials demanding reform, but they will also protect the integrity of their group.
The Leadership Conference of Women Religious is made up of leaders from religious communities across the nation and represents about 80 percent of the women religious in the U.S. The group held its annual four-day assembly in Nashville, Tenn.,

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