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Network Conference

It is now Wednesday night, and our conference is nearly at an end.  I haven’t been able to write much about it on this blog, for a number of reasons.  It has been enormously busy, and draining of energy. But much more, what has been happening here over the past three days among the forty of us who are gathered, is at such a depth and an intensity that it will take me some time to process it in my head, and to be able to make any attempt at describing it.

International Network of Reform Movements

Our meeting began last evening.  All except two were present — those will be arriving today.

There was great fun and laughter as people re-connected who had not met in a long time, and others were meeting for the first time.  So there was lots to talk about, and great excitement.

We began the first formal session and 7.00 in the evening with prayer, a brief introduction of each person, and then down to business.  

Taken from Catholic Ireland online

By Sarah Mac Donald – 12 April, 2015

Forty representatives from around the world include Austrian couple excommunicated for holding private Masses without a priest.

tony+flanneryNext week will see the largest gathering of international reform leaders in the Catholic Church attend a three-day conference in Limerick, the first such event ever hosted in Ireland.

The participative conference, which has been organised by censured Irish Redemptorist Fr Tony Flannery, also represents the first time such a large gathering of leaders of the Church Reform Movement have met in one location.

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