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An Update

In February last, after a discussion on my situation had taken place at our Provincial Chapter, I had a meeting with the new Irish administration and the Superior General. It was felt at the meeting that things are changing in Rome under Francis, and that the CDF is not quite so dogmatic or united as before.  So it was suggested to me that, if I was willing to give a further statement, maybe with somewhat more general content, that it might be more acceptable now than before.

Letter to Pope Francis

This letter came out of the Reform Conference in Limerick last month, and has been sent to Pope Francis, signed by reform movements from around the world.


Vienna/Limerick, May 2015

An open letter to Pope Francis

Pope Francis, you need vibrant parishes and the parishes need you!

Pope Francis, your vision of the Church moves us: a Church following the path and the spirit of Jesus; united in respect and candour, as equals, as true fellow travellers – squarely facing those who are marginalised and most in need of solidarity.

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