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Ordination ideas have changed over time

This article shows how lacking the CDF people were in their initial objections to my writings!!

The talk was given at the WOW conference last Saturday


When Gary Macy stepped behind the podium at the WOW conference here Saturday he asked why it was there are so few references to women priests in centuries long gone by.

Then he answered his own question, saying, “quite frankly, priests just were not that important for the first millennium of Christianity.”

Theresa Kane’s message to Pope Francis

Pope Francis, although your formal titles are Holy Father and Supreme Pontiff, I take this sacred opportunity to greet you as a brother, a friend, a collaborator in our service to and with God and with others.

I have no doubt your many years in Argentina engaged with the many economically poor people has been a powerful source of strength and grace. Those experiences prepared you to be noted for our deep pastoral spirit, your desire for collegiality and your vision that all of us in the Catholic community are called to be holy — to be saints!

Womens Ordination Conference in Philadelphia

This evening, at the Womens Ordination Conference here in Philadelphia, I had the pleasure of listening to Theresa Kane, the woman who spoke up to Pope John Paul asking for the ordination of women. She is old now, and somewhat stooped, but her voice is clear and strong. She has written a statement for Pope Francis, who is visiting this city next weekend. She read her statement out for us this evening.

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