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Reaction to my book from a person in the U.S.

From the Outside is a wonderful wonderful book.  It is written honestly with humility, with courage, and with an intimate understanding of the life and teachings of Jesus and the problems with institutional church.

It is written, not as a theologian would write it, but by a man would lived and loved his church and his people, but with the maturity and courage to expose and discard the institution’s evils.

On a similar journey, I too suffered the grief associated with the loss of some lifelong practices and beliefs, but also tasting the pure Joy of the Freedom espoused and offered us by Jesus.

A Review of From the Outside by Chris McDonnell

From the outside, looking in

Chris McDonnell CT December 04 2020


Belonging to a social group, a sports club, a political party or a local community association involves accepting certain rules and patterns of behavior. Our behavior is modified for the greater good of all. Breaking the rules might lead to a minor sanction or, ultimately, to expulsion if the matter is considered serious enough. I would like to explore this week the implications of ‘belonging’ and the consequences of finding oneself on the outside, consequences for the group and for the individual concerned.

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