a good reflection on the Referendum

Written by a Redemptorist colleague, Raphael Gallagher.

The Constitution of Ireland (1937) was enacted by the people of Ireland in the sense of giving us a law that we ourselves framed. It is our Constitution and only the people can change it. In the light of the noticeable changes in Irish society we arebeing asked to consider amendments in two sections of the Constitution.

                                          The Family.


Sometime in Autumn last I was invited to give a talk at a venue in Galway. The date, time and place were arranged, and early in the new year the following notice was displayed in the website of the organisers. 

Fr. Tony Flannery.

Reconciling our Religious Upbringing with our current understandings of  Creation, Interpreting Scripture, and the Divine Presence. February 17th

I was looking forward to the event, Galway being my native county, and I had also been very involved in starting up the Galway Novena, and had worked on it for many years.

Hans Kung and the Vatican Curia

I published a book, Keeping the Faith, in 2005. It was my effort at the time to highlight the areas that needed reform in the Catholic Church. In that book I quoted from Hans Kung’s book Christianity, the Religious Situation of our Time.

He was writing from his experience of dealing with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF, now DDF). This is what he wrote:

The Roman Inquisition, founded in the Middle Ages, continues.

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