International Network of Reform Movements

For the past nine months or so I have been part of an international network of reform movements, lay and clerical. We had a gathering last October in Bregenz, Austria, and since then a group of seven of us take part in regular skype conferences. In April of next year the next gathering will take place here in Ireland. Currently we have members from the United States, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Australia and Ireland.

New Irish Catechism

So the Irish Bishops have brought out a new Catechism for the Irish Church. Why did they decide to do this? Did they think there was a need for it? Or was there a demand for it? I doubt it.
From what I hear of this catechism, it is in many ways a reversion to the past. Issues like the condemnation of artificial contraception, and same gender sexual expressions of love are there in similar type of blunt language that I thought might have been put behind us.

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