The Canonisation of the Popes

I “watched part of the ceremony on television this morning, but then I succumbed to the beautiful morning and the threat of rain and went for a long walk. What I saw of it left me with mixed feelings. I liked the ceremony, enjoying the singing of the old Latin texts, and Francis’ homily.
But I came to it with major questions about the wisdom of canonising people so soon after their death, and about the serious questions hanging over Pope John Paul, particularly his relationship with the Legionaires of Christ and their founder.

Have Sean Fagan’s restrictions been lifted?

There is a rumour out now, coming apparently from very reputable sources, that all restrictions have been removed from Fr. Sean Fagan. If this is true I trust that there will be a public statement on the matter quickly.
It would be wonderful is Sean was again a priest in good standing in the Church. I know that the restrictions, and allegedly the threats that were used against him, were an absolute disgrace, and brought shame on the Church authorities who imposed them.

Dr. Martin and the Ordination of Married Men — and Women

It is good to see that the Archbishop of Dublin, Diarmaid Martin, has taken his lead from Pope Francis, and raised the issue of the ordination of married men. It seems to me now, presuming Francis stays alive and healthy for a few more years, that it is only a matter of time until this begins to happen. A degree of sanity has entered the debate on priesthood and making sure that local Christian communities has access to the Eucharist.

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