A brief review of my book, From the Outside

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Shortly after reading Fr. Tony Flannery’s book From the Outside: Rethinking Church Doctrine (ISBN 978 1 78605 102 8) I read the 12 February 2021 Word on Fire article below. What a contrast between the two. For me the one was fearfully clinging to a misogynistic, patriarchal Church while the other was recognizing that faith is living, and therefore, changing.

   The reason for this Facebook page is that I have come to see the need for the changes Flannery outlines in his book.

ACP Zoom with Christopher Lamb

Rome Correspondent with The Tablet

Wednesday 10th February 2021 at 7.00pm

All welcome

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Christopher Lamb is a journalist and author specialising in the Vatican and Religious Affairs and is the Rome Correspondent for The Tablet. He is a regular contributor to the BBC and his book, The Outsider: Pope Francis and his battle to reform the Church was published this year.

The U.S.Church; on the verge of a split?

A brief summary on the current state of the U.S. Church

The Catholic Church in the United States has been deeply divided for many years now, but the election of Joe Biden as President has brought the divisions into the public domain in a new way. For those who are not familiar with the U.S. church, I will provide here a short summary of the issues and the main characters involved.

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