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Final Event of my Irish Speaking Tour

The last scheduled talk of my twenty events around Ireland speaking about Church reform takes place in Belfast on Wednesday, August 6th in the theatre of the Conway Mill at 7.00pm. As with all my other talks, this one is open to everyone

Update on my situation with the Vatican and the Redemptorist authorities

Clarity and brevity can be rare enough commodities in theological writing. A new book, due out later in the year, by the Augustinian theologian, Gabriel Daly, is a great example of both, especially in the little section that deals with myself and my saga with the Vatican. This is what he says:

The case of Tony Flannery is fairly well known, owing to his courage in exposing the actions of his victimisers.

Reflections on Frank’s dealings with PAC

It is good to have Frank back on the airwaves, and stating his case for the first time. It has been a horrible few months, where both the members of PAC and a great many media people felt free to write anything they wished about him, and nobody was making any effort to provide balance or to present an alternative point of view. Some of the things that were written about Frank were ludicrous in their inaccuracy, even to such an extent that we occasionally got a good laugh at them.

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