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Justice in the World: Justice in the Church

I must give credit for the substance of this article to a wonderful book recently published by Donal Dorr, Option for the Poor and for the Earth. One chapter in the book deals with the Synod of Bishops in 1971, which has the distinction of being the only synod since their introduction at the Second Vatican Council which had the freedom to write its own report. Since then the reports have always been written after the event by the Pope, a policy which gradually made Synods of Bishops into a meaningless exercise.

ACI Meeting in Belfast

Today, Saturday 21st, I spoke at a four hour gathering of the Northern branch of the ACI. It was organised by Martin Murray, with help from a number of other people, and in my view it was a great success.

The North of Ireland has not been fertile ground for the ACP, with only a handful of members between the dioceses of Down & Connor, Dromore and Derry. So I would have considered that Martin and his group have an uphill struggle to stir up support for the reform movement up there.

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