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Two big problems facing the Synod on the Family

I believe that next October’s second session of the Synod on the Family will go a good way towards defining Francis’ papacy, either as a time of real reform in the Church, or alternatively a major disappointment for those of us who think that reform is necessary, indeed essential. But it will not be easy to bring any coherent, meaningful changes out of the Synod. There are two areas in particular that will be central to the success or failure of the event.

Tom Fox from the National Catholic Reporter

What a gift the Catholic hierarchy has been handed by the Irish with their overwhelming vote to legalize same sex marriages. Coming just months before the Synod on the Family set for next October in Rome, the vote by this Catholic nation is nothing less than a church plebiscite – a vote of the Catholic sensus filelium for all to see that official Catholic teaching on human sexuality is wrong, hurtful, and even, at times, immoral.

Bill O’Herlihy on the Vatican and myself

For my international readers:

Bill O’Herlihy, who died three days ago, was a very distinguished broadcaster and businessman here in Ireland.  He was a man that was deeply loved, as it obvious from all the tributes that are being paid to him since he died. He was also a devout Catholic, and a daily Mass-goer.

I had the privilege of having Bill launch my book, A Question of Conscience, about eighteen months ago.

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