Monthly Archives: December 2015

A Personal Reflection on my current situation

By far the most frequent question asked of me nowadays is: “How are you getting on; are you coping?” It is asked with great sincerity, and, as often as not, with a pitying look. I don’t mind that. It is nice that people are concerned, and I appreciate their support. If the context is such that a conversation can take place, the questioner usually follows up with something like “What do you miss most?”

An interesting letter in today’s Irish Independent: the Church’s claim to be the “one, true Church” no longer sustainable!

The attempts to clean up the Vatican bring home the extent of the corruption that has informed the Catholic Church’s administration.
The Italian bias in the way the church has been organised has led to its involvement in Italian politics and power, including connections with the Mafia.
Pope Benedict did not know what hit him when he was first confronted with the venal set-up in the administration of the church; it all seemed to be out of his reach, ending in his resignation.

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