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International Conference of Reform Movements in Chicago

The movement for reform, based on the teaching of the Second Vatican Council, is now widespread around the Church; and of course it has got great impetus from the papacy of Francis.
About four years ago a meeting took place in Bregenz in Austria in an effort to connect the different movements. This meeting was originally seen as a network for the various priests movements, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, U.S

Gerry Moloney speaks on injustice of CDF process: National Catholic Reporter

The Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith’s current strategy of censuring priests and religious is out of step with church teaching and has been roundly criticized as “ridiculous and self-defeating” by an Irish priest who fell afoul of the Vatican in 2011.
Speaking for the first time publicly about his experience, Redemptorist Fr. Gerry Moloney warned that “imposing sanctions on people does not make them change their views.”

He was one of 15 signatories to the recent letter to Pope Francis and the CDF calling for reform of the Vatican’s investigation processes and for greater accountability and transparency in its methods which were deemed “medieval,” lacking in basic politeness and designed to wear those being investigated down.

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