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A Problem with my Site

Anyone who Googles my site ( will see that I have been invaded by some crowd who are using my name to sell, of all things, Viagra!!!!!!
I have reported it to ActonBV, who manage the site for me, and hopefully it will be cleared up.

Document produced by Young People after a week long meeting with Pope Francis, in preparation for the Synod on Youth

Young Catholics call for an authentic, empowering church
By Thomas Reese

VATICAN CITY (RNS) — After a week-long meeting in Rome with Pope Francis, young Catholics called for an authentic and empowering church where they would feel welcomed.

The call came in a 16-page document approved by the 300 young people from all over the world who participated in a meeting preparing for the synod of bishops that will meet in October on the topic of “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment.”

Text of my article that was published in the Irish Times, March 13th

Today, March 13, is the fifth anniversary of the election of Pope Francis. In the years since, I don’t think he has every been challenged in quite the manner he was last Thursday by Mary McAleese. Her language was strong, and her tone had an underlying anger to it. Some have criticised her for this. I am in no position to do so, having spent most of my life as a member of the clerical elite, and not having any personal experience of what it is like for a woman in the Catholic Church.

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