Monthly Archives: July 2018

Speaking in the U.S. in November

I am returning to the United States in November. I have been invited to two events.
The first one is a speaking engagement in Pittsburg to an association consisting of priests, former priests and their families and friends. That should be really interesting.
After than I am going to Washington where I will conduct a weekend for LGBT Catholics, families, pastoral ministers and allies, organized by New Ways Ministry.

Speech by Kristina Keneally to the Catholic Secondary School Principals Conference Cairns, July 2018

(Kristina Keneally is an Australian politician and catholic. I met her at a conference in Philadelphia a couple of years ago, and was very impressed by her. This is a really interesting talk)
In 1975 the American gridiron team the Dallas Cowboys won a semi-finals game against the Minnesota Vikings in the last seconds of play. The Cowboys’ quarterback, Roger Staubach, threw a long-shot, desperation pass to his wide receiver, Drew Pearson.

The World Meeting of Families; a non event?

It is just over a month to the gathering in Dublin for the World Meeting of Families. My impression at this stage is that, if Pope Francis was not coming, it would pass by quietly, not making much, if any, impression — a fairly inconsequential non-event. But Francis will add his own form of charisma to the week. I am really pleased that he is coming, and I have booked my ticket for the Phoenix Park.

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