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The Reality Article that drew the ire of the Vatican

A person emailed me recently, looking for a copy of the article that drew the Vatican on me. That set me to re-activating an old laptop, and I eventually found it. It was written back in June of 2010. I am reprinting it here. I still would have no problem with the content, but I can see that for a time when Benedict was still pope, and the CDF lording it over everything in the Church, I was pushing out the boat a little.  

A Charter of Fundamental Rights for our Church

A Charter of Rights and Responsibilities for Christ’s  Faithful

The Principles for a Charter of fundamental rights and responsibilities for Catholics were articulated by the Ordinary Synod of Bishops in 1971. Its final document was entitled “Justice in the World.”  Importantly, the document preserves  the remaining core of a larger project commissioned by Paul VI at the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council.  It came to be known as the Lex Ecclesiae Fundamentalis (The Basic Law of the Church) and was meant to  stand alongside of Paul’s  Credo of the People of God.

A fascinating article on Priestly Celibacy (The Tablet)

The clerical trap
Luigi Gioia (Benedictine monk)

Priests are caught up in a dysfunctional system that makes a healthy emotional life impossible, suggests an academic scholar, spiritual director and Benedictine monk / By LUIGI GIOIA
AMONG THE greatest blessings of my priestly ministry, I count the many retreats I have preached to religious sisters, nuns, monks and diocesan priests in Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. The experience has given me an intimate knowledge of those who serve the Church as priests and nuns.

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