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The story of Lavinia Byrne and the CDF

An American religious sister, Lavinia Byrne, published a book in 1994 entitled ‘Women at the Altar: the ordination of women in the Roman Catholic Church’. In the book she stated the following:

The ordination of  women to the priesthood is the logical conclusion of all the recent work  of Catholic theology about women and in particular about the holiness  of all the baptised.  It is not an aberration from what the Church  teaches, but rather a fulfillment of it so that not to ordain women would now be to compromise the Catholicity of the church.

Personal reflection at the beginning of the New Year

It is quite a while since I have written anything in my blog. But now we have turned a new year, and even though I will be seventy three in two weeks time, there is still a sense, even if only a small one, of a new beginning.

The last few months of twenty nineteen contained two potentially significant happenings in my life.

First, the house I have been living in for the past eight years, since my “withdrawal from ministry” (to use the official Redemptorist phrase for what took place in my life in 2012) was sold, and now I am based back in my monastery.

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