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Respected Scripture Scholar accepts that Jesus did not ordain anyone, or found a Church.

The main issue that the Vatican objected to in my writing was that I suggested that Jesus did not ordain anyone. They regarded that as ‘heresy”

Now, in a letter to The Tablet magazine, a highly respected Scripture scholar, saying he is expressing views common to many other biblical scholars, goes much farther than I did ten years ago, and the world doesn’t fall in.  This is the letter:

Has the Holy Father made a mistake in not permitting the ordination of women, even initially only to the diaconate?

The temptations of the Regular Columnist

I have been neglecting my blog in recent times, because whatever creative energy I have is going towards completing a book, which I am hoping to get on the shelves in the Autumn, all going well. Of the various books I have published over the years the biggest seller was one I wrote twenty one years ago, called From the Inside. So I am tempted to call this latest opus From the Outside.

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