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Streamed Masses: A good or a bad idea

Streamed, or televised Masses have become a feature of this time of virus. I am suggesting in this article, published in this week’s Connaught Tribune, that maybe it is a step backwards:

All the indications are that this virus will be with us for some considerable time, and that we have got to learn to live with it. From a Church point of view there is no indication that we will be able to gather for religious services any time soon.

Christianity at a time of Sickness

Tomáš Halík

Christianity at a time of sickness                              

Our world is sick. I’m not just referring to the coronavirus pandemic, but to the state of our civilisation, as revealed in this global phenomenon. In biblical terms: a sign of the times.

At the beginning of this unusual period of Lent many of us thought that this epidemic would cause a sort of short-term blackout, a breakdown in the usual operation of society, one that we would ride out somehow, and then soon things would all return to the way they were.

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