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Brendan Hoban’s review of From the Outside

Review of Tony Flannery’s book ‘From the Outside’ by Brendan Hoban

Brendan Hoban

Many years ago, at an inter-church meeting, a Protestant minister who later became a great friend asked me the question: ‘Can you tell me this? Is it true that Catholics believe there are four persons in one God – Father, Son, Spirit and Our Lady?’

Once he asked the question, I understood why he asked it because we were at the time in the midst of an outbreak of what theologians sometimes call ‘Mariolatry’, the tradition of devotion to Mary that can lose the run of itself.

Very strong Editorial in the National Catholic Reporter

Editorial: Let’s not return to policing theologians

If fidelity oaths seem like something out of the Crusades, contemporary Catholics might be surprised to hear that the Vatican is still requiring some theologians and pastors to sign them.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has said that Redemptorist Fr. Tony Flannery must affirm the church’s official positions on male-only priesthood, LGBTQ relationships, civil unions and gender identity.

A Message of Support from the Old Catholic Church

I received this message through the Italian magazine Aristarchus. It came in Italian, and below is a Google translate version.

The Old Catholic Church are a very interesting body. They originated among those who rejected some of the teachings of the First Vatican Council, mainly around the supreme authority of the Pope, and Papal Infallibility.  We could learn some things from them today in our own Church.


The Old Catholic Christian Church expresses its solidarity with the Congregation of Redemptorists and in particular with the Rev.

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