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Review of John Wijngaards’ book, Ten Commandments for Church Reform.

Book Review: 

Ten Commandments for Church Reform; Memoirs of a Catholic Priest, by John Wijngaards

The sub-title of John Wijngaards latest book, Memoirs of a Catholic Priest, sums up the contents of this book more accurately than the main title. In it, John tells the story of his life, from his childhood through to the present time, when his is now, in his eighties, actively involved with the Wijngaards Institute, and married to Jackie.

Tribute to Frank Callanan

Frank Callanan, a highly regarded Senior Counsel, has died at the relatively young age of sixty five. I had the privilege of knowing Frank, and of benefiting from his wisdom and support.

When we launched the Association of Catholic Priests in 2010 it was a difficult time for priests in Ireland. The exposure of clerical sex abuse had done enormous damage; the morale of priests was on the ground; bishops, many of whom had covered up abusers, were often in a state of panic, terrified of the media, and had done the full circle and turned on their priests, hanging many of them out to dry.

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