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Recalling the stand taken by the Benedictine Sisters in relation to the Vatican order to silence Joan Chittister.


Background Note:

Sr. Joan Chittister had been invited to be one of the main speakers at the international Conference in Dublin of Women’s Ordination Worldwide, 29-31 June 2001. However, the Vatican Congregation for Religious began to exert pressure on her Superior General to prevent her from taking part in this important event. Here is the Superior’s reply.

Joan Chittister of the Benedictine Order in Erie, Pennsylvania, and honoured worldwide for her contributions to Spirituality and Theology, was officially warned by the Vatican not to attend this conference on the ordination of women.

Eleven Years: life as a suspended Priest

It may not be something that one would wish for oneself or anyone else, but eleven years dealing with the Congregation (now Dicastery) for the Doctrine of the Faith has been for me a substantial experience of both learning and change, with a fair degree of trauma thrown in. It all began in the month of February 2012, when I received a phone call from the Superior General of the Redemptorists telling me that I was under investigation by the CDF, and that I was in serious trouble.

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