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A Really worthwhile article by Robert Mickens, taken from La Croix

Working towards a full-scale ‘paradigm shift’
Pope Francis has not just unleashed the stifled energies of Vatican II, he is actually leading the effort to help the church enter into the new paradigm
Robert Mickens, Rome
January 12, 2018

Cardinal Pietro Parolin this week put his finger on the single most important issue that has become the driving force of the small, but tenacious opposition to Pope Francis and his pontificate.

Tony Waldron has Died

Tony Waldron has died. Most of you who read my blog have never met him. He lived most of his life in and around Athenry in County Galway. In his early life he spent some time in England, but his work-life was mostly on the railways. And he was a hard and skillful worker. He was married to Marie, and they have four children.
Tony was my first cousin on my mother’s side.

My Article, published in the Independent, Dec. 23rd

The Truth of the Jesus Story is far richer than the children’s story it has become.

Tomorrow evening for the Vigil Mass, and again for the various Monday morning Christmas Masses, our churches will be full. Many of the people who come will not return for the rest of the year. They have left the practice of the faith behind them, for various reasons, but often in this modern, highly educated world, the Church’s version of the Christian message no longer makes sense to them.

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