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Speaking commitments in April

I continue to get invitations to speak to various groups on Church reform and my assessment of Pope Francis.
As of now I have the following in March;
1. Tuesday 8th: 11.00am: PROBUS meeting at the South Court Hotel in Limerick.

2. Wednesday, 30th: 10.30am PROBUS meeting at the Strand Hotel, Limerick

3. Thursday 31st: 7.30pm: Open Meeting: Women, Potential for Ministry in the Church. Maire Ni Dhuibhir and myself. (More details later)

In late April I will be speaking at the Bealtaine Festival in Dingle.

Thank God the Campaign is over; can we have a Government, please

It is Wednesday evening, and the election campaign is almost over. I thought the media moratorium was for the whole of tomorrow, but now I learn it is only from 2.00pm on. So we have to endure another morning. However, early on in the campaign I decided that I would only listen to a small amount each day, and some days none at all. For somebody who is very interested in politics that was initially hard, but as the days went by I found it enormously liberating.

Letter from Killala Council of Priests

I got the following letter from the Council of Priests in Killala. It is significant in that, while I have had lots of support at ground level in the Church, this is the first word from an ‘official’ source. I am very grateful to the Killala Council of Priests, which, of course, includes the bishop.

Dear Tony,
On behalf of the priests of the Diocese of Killala I write this letter to assure you of our support for you, and to let you know that you are very much in our thoughts and prayers.

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