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John Cooney on the papal nuncio, Bishop Crean and myself

Irish Journalist John Cooney from Dublin writes:
Ireland’s Papal Nuncio Charles Brown scored a spectacular own goal by highlighting the ineffectuality of the Vatican’s ‘silencing’ of dissident Redemptorist priest Tony Flannery, whose continued marginalisation from public ministry at home  is more than matched by his celebrity emergence as a top speaker at an international conference next month in Philadelphia in support of the ordination of women priests just days before Pope Francis’s first visit to the Land of the Free.

The Irish Times interview with the Papal Nuncio, Charles Brown

In last Saturday’s Irish Times there was an interview by Patsy McGarry with the Papal Nuncio, Charles Brown. In the course of the interview McGarry asked him about the Irish priests who had been censored. The Nuncio disclaimed any involvement in these cases, and in particular in mine. Can we believe him?
When the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) were dealing with my case, it seems to me that a very obvious and sensible part of their investigation would be to get somebody in Ireland to give them a local reading of the situation.

The Bishop, the Pastoral Council, and myself!


About two months ago I got an invitation from the Pastoral Council of the parish of Killeagh in Cloyne diocese to come and give the keynote talk at a weekend parish fest they were organising for late September. The request was that I would speak on the subject of where the voice of the Spirit could be heard in today’s Church.  I was happy to accept the invitation.

When notice of this talk first went out, a few weeks ago, the bishop of Cloyne, William Creanexpressed concern.  

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