Critique of the Processes of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF)

Paul Collins (Australia) and myself prodocued this document a couple of years ago, and it has a list of distinguished signatories.
I think it is worth putting up here again, as what it says is still totally relevant. The CDF processes which I, and many others, had to endure is totally unjust, and the Vatican cannot have any credibility while they continue to act in this way.

A New Process for the Church and the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

He who is the object of an enquiry should be present at the process, and, unless absent through contumacy, should have the various headings of the enquiry explained to him, so as to allow him the possibility of defending himself.

International Church Reform Network

International Church Reform Network

The fourth conference of the International Church Reform Network (ICRN) will take place in Bratislava from June 11th to 15th next. It is a participative conference, which will be attended by fifty people, women and men, from Church Reform movements in all the continents of the world. This network is in existence for seven years. The first conference was in Austria, which was mainly attended by representatives of priests reform movements.

Will Friday next bring an end to the Abortion question?

Will next Friday’s vote bring the debate about abortion to an end in this country? Absolutely not.
Let me make a few predictions:

If the NO vote wins………..
The committed YES campaigners will not give up. We will be bombarded with ‘hard stories’ and lurid descriptions of the ‘sad journey to England’.
Despite the fact that the Taoiseach would probably respond by saying that the people had spoken, and that was it (and, I suspect, breathe a sigh of relief at getting that off the agenda) the campaign to have a re-run of the referendum would begin.

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