Getting a few things about my own situation in the Church off my chest.

It was this month, April, six years ago when I was ordered by the CDF/Redemptorist superiors to step down from priestly ministry. There was a short period during the summer months when I was allowed back, while efforts were being made to sort things out, and then in September the sanction was re-enforced, and remains to this day.
For various reasons, thoughts of that year, with all its stresses and strains, its drama, and the struggle making major, life changing, decisions, is coming back to me now.

Bishop Geoffrey Robinson’s twelve points to reform the Church. (With acknowledgement to John Chuchman)

i. The Angry God: This image the institution projects of a God of Wrath and Anger needs to be challenged. It is wrong, and bad theology.

ii. The Male Church: Women have been marginalized and treated as second class by the institution for far too long.

iii. The Culture of Celibacy: Not so much celbacy per se but mandatory celibacy has to take a major part of the blame as a contributing cause of this crisis.

A Problem with my Site

Anyone who Googles my site ( will see that I have been invaded by some crowd who are using my name to sell, of all things, Viagra!!!!!!
I have reported it to ActonBV, who manage the site for me, and hopefully it will be cleared up.

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