Interesting Article from National Catholic Reporter

This article is really interesting. It is quoting a number of American theologians reflecting on the Vatican document sent to me, and what the implications might be. Is it a sign of the CDF flexing their muscles, reacting to Francis and his more pastoral approach? Is it a sign of a new regime of censorship? Is Francis aware of what is happening?

For me it is an indication of how far and wid

Really gratifying to get this wide level of Support


September 23, 2020

As Catholics working together for a renewed Church, we stand proudly in solidarity with Irish Redemptorist Fr. Tony Flannery in the face of continued threats and bullying from the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) over his support for women’s ordination and the full dignity of LGBT+ persons.

The Inquisition-era “oaths of fidelity” the CDF has demanded that Fr.

The Statement from the Head of the CDF, and my response to it.

This response from Cardinal Ladaria came as a result of a question asked by NCR reporter, Joshua McElwee at a press briefing this morning in the Vatican:

“If we have some advice to give to Fr. Flannery, we will give it to Fr. Flannery. I believe that out of respect for everyone [involved] and in particular for him, it is better to give this advice in private rather than in public.

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