Three resolutions from today’s AGM of the ACP

On the appointment of Bishops:
“The ACP expresses its grave disquiet at some of the policies presently being pursued in relation to the appointment of bishops in Ireland: the lack of any credible process of consultation; the preference in the main for candidates drawn from a particular mindset; the apparently haphazard policy of appointments to distant dioceses that pays little regard to the traditions and heritage of a diocese; and not least the choice of candidates who seem to be out of sync with the realities of life in Ireland today and uncomfortable with the openness of Pope Francis to change and reform the Church.”

In relation to Priests who have been disciplined:
“We request that during the Year of Mercy the Superiors of Religious Congregations and the Irish Bishops Conference approach the Vatican authorities with a view to restoring to full ministry those Irish Priests who have been disciplined for alleged unorthodox views.

Womens Ordination Worldwide acknowledge Statement

Women’s Ordination Advocates Support Irish Priests’ Statement on Women:
Call for Greater Moral Courage of Catholic Hierarchy to Join Grassroots

Women’s Ordination Worldwide (WOW) extends our deepest gratitude to the twelve Irish priests who publicly signed their names to a statement calling for open discussion on the need for equality for women in all aspects of Church life, including ministry. Calling the situation “damaging,” “alienating” and “scandalizing,” the priests stressed that the policy of discrimination against women upheld by the Catholic Church “encourages” and “reinforces” abuse and violence against women around the world.

Has Pope Francis changed anything?

Some people ask me that question. Women, in particular, are inclined to ask it, since the womens issue is the one that he is weakest on. And yet, when I observe the atmosphere in the Church now, compared to what it was a few years ago – the open discussion and effort to face at least some of the issues facing us,- I know that things have changed.
A recent comment that came in to the ACP website brought it home to me even more:
“As a Catholic who is fond of the Traditional Mass and appreciative of the initiative of BXVI to clarify the status of and make more widely available that Mass, I’m really hurt that Pope Francis has apparently not read or accepted Summorum Pontificate, and sees fit to ride roughshod over the legitimate spiritual aspirations and attachments of Faithful Catholics.

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