Philadelphia; a different scene

Tonight in Philadelphia was nothing if not interesting.

A large crowd turned up in the science building of the University. There were a number of different reform organisations represented.  Again I was very well received, and the welcome was warm and open.  I felt a little tired during the talk, and the words didn’t come as easily as I would like, but it was all right.

Almost from the beginning I felt that the atmosphere in the hall wasn’t the same as we had the night before in Baltimore.

It’s Thursday; so it must be Baltimore!!

This evening we were in a Presbyterian church, with a lovely, welcoming woman pastor.  It was a bright, modern style church, with easy and good communication.

If I have many more evenings as pleasant as this one, it will be a wonderful tour. The crowd that gathered (not enormous — maybe a bit over one hundred) were warm, but also very knowledgeable.  It was obvious that many of them had been involved in one or other of the reform movements.

Final Day in Washington

The day began with an early morning interview on a talk radio show, with a man call Bill Press. I am told he is one of the few liberal talk radio shows in this country.  The interview was a real pleasure.  Similar to the one with Maureen Fielder on the previous day, I was speaking to someone who knows about religion and the issues around the Catholic Church.  That interview is available, I am told, on Youtube under Bill Press.

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