Another embittered cardinal threatens the Pope


The Vatican’s former doctrinal chief warns Pope Francis of a looming schism. He’s the fourth man with a red hat to raise the possibility of a major split in the Church. What’s behind this ominous threat?

Robert Mickens, Rome

December 1, 2017

Pope Francis is about to conclude his history-making visit to Myanmar and neighboring Bangladesh.

But just hours before he even embarked on his 21st journey abroad last Sunday, Italy’s most authoritative daily newspaper published an interview with Cardinal Gerhard Müller.

Waiting for Christmas; Reflection, music and poetry

Since I am not allowed to do anything in a church, and because I have always loved this season of the Church’s Year (my book Waiting in Hope was very popular), I am going to a public house hall instead. I think what we are planning will be a lovely hour, and a help towards entering into the spiritual meaning of this time.

WAITING for Christmas

An Hour of Reflection, Music & Poetry
Venue:Freigh Inn, Newport, Co.

Sometimes I get annoyed with double standards in Irish life.

Sometimes the prevalence of double standard and duplicity in Irish life gets to me, and this is one of those occasions.
The case of Maurice McCabe is all over the news at present, and may precipitate an election. But that is not my concern here. Let the political situation take its course. My concern is something else.

There was an allegation of sexual abuse of a minor made against Sargent McCabe.

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