My talk in Edinburgh University

Celibacy, Sexuality, and the Crisis in the Priesthood.

A conversation with Fr. Tony Flannery



Tony Flannery is a Catholic priest, writer, and founding member of the Association of Catholic Priests. He is the author of several books and numerous articles in publications both religious and secular.


In 2012 Tony Flannery was disciplined by the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) for views he expressed on Catholic teachings.

The Supreme Court judgment, and my particular skin in that game.

The Supreme Court judgment in the case of Angela Kevin’s has concluded that she was treated unfairly, and that the Public Accounts Committee were acting outside of their remit, in other words, they acted unlawfully.

I am bemused to see so many media people now agreeing with this judgment, and turning their ire on that particular PAC’s behavior, and on a few individuals in particular. I am glad to see this, but I am left with the question:  why did none of these commentators say that at the time.

Extract from talk given by Cardinal Marx in the Vatican on Saturday


“In the Church there is need for a good and fully-functioning administration, which must be oriented towards the goal of the Church, and based on the principle of justice.

If administration forgets its function …. and is only occupied with itself; if rules and regulations are only used to sustain the administration itself or the power of persons, this is abuse of power by the administration. On the one hand administration is required to fulfil the mission of the Church, and on the other hand, it can directly oppose this mission.

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