Womens Ordination Conference in Philadelphia

This evening, at the Womens Ordination Conference here in Philadelphia, I had the pleasure of listening to Theresa Kane, the woman who spoke up to Pope John Paul asking for the ordination of women. She is old now, and somewhat stooped, but her voice is clear and strong. She has written a statement for Pope Francis, who is visiting this city next weekend. She read her statement out for us this evening.

The Womens Ordination Conference in Philadelphia

Tomorrow, please God, I will be in Philadelphia, to attend and address the Womens Ordination Worldwide Conference.
I have already been reminded many times, and no later than this morning, that I should not be attending, that I am putting myself even more out on a limb, and greatly lessening whatever chance there might be of being restored to public ministry. I have been reminded that the sainted John Paul has said the final word on this subject, and that forever and a day, it can never be discussed again.

Not much chance of dialogue here, I’m afraid! This email came to me this morning!

  Dear Fr Flannery,
I take this opportunity to question your latest position on the new marriage streamline scheme edict by the holy father. I would note first, that I have become aware of your liberal and progressive view, which have become unpopular among many of faithful and laity alike. I am writhing to you because you and your cohort of have embraced this new age modern way.
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