Was it my bad luck that Joe Tobin had retired as Redemptorist Superior General?

Archbishop Joe Tobin of Inianapolis is the former Superior General of the Redemptorists. This extract is taken from a National Catholic Reporter account of a talk he gave recently in the U.S. I find his comments on ‘heresy’ and the importance of dialogue very interesting. I wonder would he have handled my situation differently if it had occured during his period as Redemptorist Superior General. I suspect he would.

In response to one question, Tobin even said some U.S.

Meeting with Bishops and Results of survey

Two very interesting posts have gone up this evening in the ACP website.
The first one is a report of the meeting between representatives of the Bishops Conference, and some members of the ACP.
The second one is the detailed results of a survey of priests attitudes to the New Missal, commissioned by the Association of Catholic Priests.
You can find both at”http://www.associationofcatholicpriests.ie”

Dealing with the Bishops

Since I am now retired from my leadership role in the Association of Catholic Priests I can stand back a little and observe things for some bit of distance. One of the most extraordinary things for me is the difficulty of having any sort of real discussion with Church authorities. After five years in existence, and representing a very large body of priests, the few meetings that have taken place with bishops’ representatives have been very unsatisfactory, with no real or meaningful discussion happening at them, and there has been no contact of any nature with the Papal Nuncio.

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