A letter from my Superior General

I got this letter some weeks ago in relation to the upcoming date of my golden jubilee of ordination. To say the least I was surprised and irritated by it; it was certainly insensitive.

My original suspension from ministry twelve years ago was imposed by my religious congregation, under pressure from the CDF in the Vatican. But now, things have changed in the Vatican with Francis in charge, and my reading of my situation is that my suspension could easily be lifted by my religious superiors, if they so wished.

My talk in Galway on March 27

This talk was my first in some considerable time, and dealing with more serious and weighty issues around faith and Church.

The crowd was large, estimated 200+, and the response was enthusiastic and highly engaged.

The question and comment section went on for over an hour after the talk. I was tired, but very happy with the evening. It gave me energy, and a conviction that I have something worth saying.

Article in the Independent

Banned priest Tony Flannery to break silence on fate of the Catholic Church

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Lorna Siggins
March 13 2024 5:23 PM

Banned Redemptorist priest Tony Flannery plans to question the survival of the Roman Catholic church at a public talk in Galway shortly before Easter Sunday.

Fr Flannery (77), who was suspended from public ministry by the Vatican in 2012, intends to give his views on whether “religious belief as we have known it can survive in modern Ireland”.

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