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Banned priest Tony Flannery to break silence on fate of the Catholic Church

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Lorna Siggins
March 13 2024 5:23 PM

Banned Redemptorist priest Tony Flannery plans to question the survival of the Roman Catholic church at a public talk in Galway shortly before Easter Sunday.

Fr Flannery (77), who was suspended from public ministry by the Vatican in 2012, intends to give his views on whether “religious belief as we have known it can survive in modern Ireland”.

Talk in the Clayton Hotel, Galway, on Wednesday March 27th at 7.30pm

Can religious belief as we have known it survive in modern Ireland? 

As many will know, I have been silenced by the Catholic Church but that isn’t to say, I haven’t been contemplating how best to address the falling attendances at Mass, the falling away in general from the Catholic faith.

I’ve decided to break my silence on these matters and will give a public talk in Galway city during Holy Week.

a good reflection on the Referendum

Written by a Redemptorist colleague, Raphael Gallagher.

The Constitution of Ireland (1937) was enacted by the people of Ireland in the sense of giving us a law that we ourselves framed. It is our Constitution and only the people can change it. In the light of the noticeable changes in Irish society we arebeing asked to consider amendments in two sections of the Constitution.

                                          The Family.

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