The new head of the DDF is tasked with a change of method.

Pope Francis, in appointing the new head of the DDF (formerly CDF) said that it used ‘immoral methods’ in the past.

The methods used against me included:

  1. Judgment decided, and sentence given, before I even knew anything was happening.
  2. Never told who my accusers were.
  3. Had no opportunity to defend myself.
  4. The document which outlined my offences was a scrap of badly typed paper, with no address, heading, signature, stamp.
  5. Never had any direct communication from the CDF in the course of the whole process.

Human definitions of God need revising

John Shelby Spong

I welcome the attention that serious atheists like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris are offering the world at this moment through their books. They are bringing what I regard as a deserved criticism and a necessary correction to what Christianity has become in our generation.I, for one, have no desire to worship a God who is thought to favor the war in the Middle East in order to accomplish some obscure prediction found in the late first century book of Revelation, who suppresses women in the name of ancient patriarchy, or who is so deeply homophobic that oppressing homosexuals becomes the defining issue of church life.Such

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