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Chaput is Archbishop of Philadelphia. This is a correspondence with a woman in his diocese.

Archbishop Chaput responds to a pilgrim’s open letter

Submitted by John Freml on Sun, 08/02/2015 – 11:50


Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput recently responded to one of the Equally Blessed pilgrims who will attend the World Meeting of Families this September in Philadelphia, along with almost two dozen others who want to make sure that LGBT families and voices are heard.

Susanne’s original letter appears below, followed by Archbishop Caput’s letter.

Some current reflections, after a week on the island.

I have just spent a week on Inismeain, the middle, and quietest, of the Aran Islands. The days were mostly dry, and I got in plenty of long walks. The one I love best is the walk around the back of the island, over the rocks and by the sea. All week there was a cold, northerly breeze blowing, which would have been more at home in the month of January.

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