A Sample of the International Response to our Letter on Equality in the Church

Thank you for what you and the other eleven are doing. It looks perfect to me in terms of the approach and the timing (after what has happened or not happened in the synod).
It is a huge gift to the church in Ireland, I am sure, and a huge gift to the church worldwide, for women, for men, and for the future of all those growing up. (Boston)
……and at the heart of my desire for a just and equal world where people are able to enjoy ‘life… to the fullest’ are the teachings of Jesus and the Blessed Saints. It’s therefore a terrible pain for me that the Church remains so ambivalent towards this beautiful image of equality that Jesus promised.
Many of my peers, particularly women and LGBTI people, strongly believe that the Catholic Church is completely dismissive of them at best; hostile at worst. I can empathise with them.
Your writing sits alongside the voices of a few brave priests here in New Zealand who are calling on Church leaders to reflect on the lack of equality and inclusion in an institution which is supposed to be there for all of God’s creation. (New Zealand)
Many, many thanks for you and the 11 others for helping give voice to women around the world who have no voice. Your statement is beautifully written and much appreciated.
This is a wonderful letter – thank you so very much for organizing this initiative and for sharing it with us.
This means the world to us at Women’s Ordination Worldwide who so desperately need the support of our ordained brothers. Thank God for you and all who have dared to speak out with you now.
A million thanks and blessings from all of us. (England)
Thank you, and the other signatories, for your forthright support of ordination for women. We in Roman Catholic Womenpriests are especially grateful because we have put ourselves and our consciences on the line to follow what we believe is a call to serve God’s people as priests.
Your statement is a huge support to us. (U.S.)
Thank you for your recent statement on the topic of (in-)equality of women in the Roman Catholic Church. I am an acitve church member and I am suffering a lot from the state of mind of church officials on this question. I am grateful that you and your fellows have made the problem public again. It seemed to be forgotten in recent years. (Germany)

Refreshing blast of support and eloquent response to the male detractors of feminine inclusion. Your quote from scripture is perfect, and says it all. I live in hope that a Jesuit will be the one to lead us out of this murky swamp and into the light of cosmic connection, universality, and one body once and for all.
Blessings, and thanks to all of you for speaking up, speaking out, and leading by conscience. You make us proud. (California)
This is wonderful. Thank you and the other courageous and honest ones who stand with you. (Australia)