ACP Statement on male only diaconate.

Association of Catholic Priests Statement
on the Permanent Lay Diaconate
Fri 11 August 2017

The Leadership of the Association of Catholic Priests fully supports Fr Roy Donovan (Cashel & Emly) in his statement on the decision by the Archbishop of Cashel & Emly to set up a group to investigate initiating the permanent lay diaconate in his diocese.

Roy’s objection is based on the fact that currently the Church confines the lay diaconate to men, even though Pope Francis has a commission working on the history of women deacons in the early church, with a view to possibly opening the diaconate to women also.

We would further call on every diocese in the country to hold off on the introduction of the permanent diaconate until such time as the Vatican commission reports, and Pope Francis makes a decision based on that report.

We believe that proceeding with the introduction of male deacons at this time, and thereby adding another male clerical layer to ministry, is insensitive, disrespectful of women and counter-productive at this present critical time.

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