Different understandings of ‘magisterium’ spark arguments in the Church

The very strong intervention by former president, Mary McAleese, on the subject of Catholic teaching on homosexuality has certainly caused a stir. Along with initiating very necessary discussion on Catholic Church teaching and attitudes towards gay people, the succeeding days since her intervention have clearly highlighted some of the difficulties surrounding any form of dialogue between the differing views in the Church. Pope Francis has signalled that he wants this dialogue and discussion to take place; he talks about “an open Church where everyone can share”.

Seamus Ahearne of the ACP Leadership Team reflects on Veritas refusal to stock ‘A Question of Conscience’

The ‘Sunday Times’ of 8 December 2013 has an article by Justine McCarthy on Veritas and its refusal to stock Tony Flannery’s book.

Our association’s AGM had passed a proposal on this issue. However, there was no adequate response to the  ACP’s letter. All we seem to know now is that the decision at Veritas was a management decision (whoever they are!)

A few points:

  1. I’m embarrassed by such a ridiculous decision in regard to Tony’s book.
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