Minneapolis and Mike Tegeder

This evening in Minneapolis was probably the best evening I have had so far on my tour.  It was my first time in a Catholic church on this tour;  and the controversy between the pastor and the Archbishop certainly helped to gather the crowd. So the church was overflowing, and the basement hall was also used to fit the crowd — with a speaker installed. So the crowd must have numbered at least four hundred, some having come long distances.

For me it had the feel of a good novena back home, with the same atmosphere, sense of community and excitement.

There is a real problem here with the Archbishop.  People feel angry and hurt with the way he is behaving, and that came through in the discussion.  The question was being asked:  with someone like that in charge of the diocese, is there any way that he can be bypassed, and that the movement for reform can make its voice heard in  the national forum? They love the pastor, Mike Tegeder, and the warmth towards him from the people was palpable.

So tomorrow I move on to Memphis, to take part in the Call to Action national conference. I will have three days there, so it will be time to slow down a little, and to listen to other speakers.