Correspondence with the Vatican

In February last Mary McAleese wrote directly to Pope Francis on my behalf, suggesting that I had not been treated fairly, and requesting that I be restored to ministry.

Two weeks ago she got the following reply from the Sostituto  in the Secretariat of State, Arch. Becciu saying:

“The Holy Father has received your letter and he has asked me to reply in his name. He appreciates the concerns which prompted you to write to him. In regard to the issue you raised, I am pleased to inform you that your letter has been forwarded to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with the request that it be given due attention. In the meantime, I assure you of a remembrance in His Holiness’s prayers. etc”.

I really appreciate the concern shown by Mary on my behalf, and at least we know that the issue has got as far as the Pope.  But I will not be holding my breath, or brushing off my Mass vestments just yet. Reading various articles in relation to the upcoming second session of the Synod in October, it is clear that there is a very deep division between Pope Francis and the traditionalist groups in the Church, and that Cardinal Meuller is the leader of the opposition. So, the fact that my case has been recommended to the CDF by Francis is probably a negative rather than a positive!

However, any little movement is better than none, and I will continue to hope that some day there will be a resolution