Dail Privilege

Listening to Noel Whelan yesterday (Saturday) on the News at One, talking about the High Court judgment on the Angela Kerins case, was refreshing.
In my view, the three High Court judges, in their judgment, failed to take into account one very serious, and also, I believe, very obvious reality. It is this: We now have some members of our Oireachtas who will do anything for publicity and self-promotion; and we have media outlets who will happily assist them in this project.
To give such members total freedom to say what they like about a citizen, either in the Dail or Seanad chambers, or in a Dail committee, without the citizen having any comeback, seems to me to be totally unjust.
And to suggest that the Oireachtas should police itself, in the present context where there is almost total stagnation and an inability to make any even mildly unpopular decisions, is laughable.

I think any citizen would need to think very carefully before they would agree to go before any Dail committee while the present situation exists.