Declaration on Women in the Church from Call to Action

Women in the Catholic Church


|JULY 25, 2015


Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 12.57.29 PMThe declaration below was released after a landmark women’s forum was held July 25, 2015 at Chicago Theological Seminary.

Declaration on Women in the Catholic Church

As the Catholic church strives to cultivate a faith rooted in human dignity and equality, we are aware that women in the church are neglected, cast aside, abused and dismissed. We know that historically women have been exploited as labor, denied reproductive healthcare, discriminated against because of whom they love and not allowed to fulfill their call to ministry. Women have not been recognized for their human dignity.

We believe that, rooted in Catholic theology, education and the lived experience of Catholics today, our faith teaches that the church is not meant to be this way.

We imagine a world and a fully engaged church where women are heard, valued, consulted and treated as the equal partners that God created. Inspired by a love of the church, we imagine:

  • A church where women are recognized for their human dignity and as beings who are guided by their conscience to make choices that are good for themselves and the community.
  • A church where women are respected for their choices about their health, welfare and lives.
  • A church where women are able to fulfill their calling to be leaders in the church.
  • A church where women are appreciated for their work in the church and fairly compensated for it.
  • A church where women can exercise their sexuality in ways that celebrate the love God has for them.
  • A church where women are able to love and form families in whatever way fills their souls.

We have faith that one day our church will meet our vision of what is right and what is true to who we are as Catholics. Out of a shared concern for the future of our church, we believe it can and should change.

We commit ourselves to work to make this vision a reality. Since we are all part of the church, we will work in our community, in our family and in our parish council and ministry. We will work with all Catholics, including women religious, priests, bishops and all those who share the loving grace of the Catholic church.

In faith, we declare our commitment to make it so.

We hope you will join us.

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